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Some notes I found from 2019; a time when I felt unseen. And when I was extremely insecure and unsure of myself. But someway, somehow, I made it to today. If you resonate with any of them, leave me some love. We are humans.


You Make me Feel Unlovable

Like I’ll never be enough Like I’ll always be too something Like there’s just no space for me No time for me No love for me You make me...

I Just Saw Jesus

How well do we steward what God has put in your hands? At this point, Jesus is our lawyer. At that point, Jesus will be our judge.

It is time for you to change your direction.

Retain your elephant. Repent. God blessed me with this life to remind me that my life is mine. God blessed me with this trip. These...


Forgive yourself for undercharging for your first few clients. You have a long way to go. Trust this process. As you become more aware of...

This is a test of your mind.

A test of your mood and to be mindful of your physical space. You are now charged with giving off good and peaceful energy. You must be...

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