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If I can stand confident in church, in God’s house. I can stand confident anywhere.

God is doing new and high definition things in my life.

My faith is deepening. I love you. I need you. You are my strength and my redeemer. God, thank you for your mercy and your grace.

How can the MCOP structure translate to guide your Finesse structure?

Guide your Bae Collection structure?

Guide your personal structure?


Becoming the people and the church that God has called for us to be.





People need to know your name so they can cover you and protect you and tell you when you’re tripping 😂🙏🏾


We harvest different spiritual gifts


Give our time, talent, and treasure


Go- forward motion, to beyond the walls, beyond your comfort zone,

Temporary stops

The church is the engine that God has designed to transform his work.

Go out and knock down the gates of the enemy.

Part of what makes you and I unstoppable is consistent encounters with God.

God said, i want to encounter you every day of the week.

Stay focused and keep your eyes clear. If the man partnered with you is becoming excited and therefore blind, keep your vision clear, keep your goals established, keep both of you moving forward. Keep yourself moving forward.

God told me on Friday that I would die on Saturday. On Sunday I woke up anew. My body did not die, my fear died, my overthinking died, and my anxiety died, I broke out of my old shell and became a new version of myself. THANK YOU GOD FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND FOR GIVING ME LIFE. LIFE! Abundantly, exceedingly, overflowing life!

When you don’t have consistent encounters with God you will become comfortable in an existence that is beneath you.

God is setting you up to be exactly what I want you to be. Don’t get comfortable in this stage. You gotta get ready to excel in the next stage.

I’m going to use you to do something you never would have imagined.

I want to fill you, not destroy you.

The difficult circumstances I put you in are not to destroy you, but to fill you up.

I’m not trying to destroy you, but rather prepare you for what I have for you.

Are you willing to shift? Your shift will unlock blessings for generations coming after you.

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