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You Make me Feel Unlovable

Like I’ll never be enough

Like I’ll always be too something

Like there’s just no space for me

No time for me

No love for me

You make me embarrassed

Like walking around all day with period blood on your jeans

Like it’s a natural occurrence but you didn’t notice how wild it looked

Like bad breath but no one will tell you

Like underarm stains

Like peeing on yourself.

You make me feel like all my natural occurrences I should be ashamed of

Like my presence is too overwhelming for you.

Like my anxiety is ugly to you

Like I need to apologize to you for being sad

Like I hate myself so you will tell me you love me outside the house

Like I’m angry at myself for not being smart enough for you.

You don’t love me enough for me to be myself.

You make me hate myself

Like I don’t want to live here anymore

Spiritually live here

Like I’d rather not exist at all

Because I just can’t get me right for you

Like I want to hate me the way you hate me.

And I don’t know how to leave.

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